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3P!Dane: Ladonia was burned at 24th November 2016
1P!Dane: Rest in pieces
1P!Norge: :(
3P!Dane: It´s not destroyed. It will be rebuilded.
1P!Norge: Good

Year 2017 does not exist.

Tommorow will be year 100.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 100!~ ^J^

Flag of Czech Republic Czech Bounce Avatar Czech Republic Pumpkie Czec Republic flag Hi-I-am-from-Czech-Republic Czech Flag Czechia Im CZECH Czech RepublicFirst meme of 2014 Czechia Edition  Slovakia Slovakia flag Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Flag - Pixel Icon Poland Emote Poland emoticon Flag of Poland Poland - NaNoEmo Day 11 Poland (Intro) [V4] Poland flag [Flags Hearts] Poland Heart 11 XI Hi I'm from Poland :) Poland Bullet Mischievous Poland (chat icon) Poland Pumpkie WTF ?! Poland (chat icon) Poland Poland Pumpkie 2 Poland Poland Russia (Curse) [V2] Dansu plz Russia icon Russia (Says Hi) [V2] APH Russia Do not want Russia emote Free APH Russia Icon: Magic Cane Hetalia Spinning Russia KOL KOL Icon Russia (Joy) [V6] Russia Flag of Russia Russia (Sneaky Call) [V6] Russia Icon Go Russia Russia push down Latvia [V3] Russia and Ukraine APH Russia Sulk Russia flag Russia (When he gets mad) [V6] Russia (Happy) [V5] Russia (Intro) [V7] :flagofrussia: Russia Bullet Mochirus Russia Laughing - Evil Inverted Russia Pumpkie APH Mochi Russia Russia :RUflag: Russia Icon Russia  Hi-I-am-from-Russia ShakeRussia Ukraine Flag of Ukraine Ukraine flag Ukraine :flagofukraine: I Love UA free icon Hi-I-am-from-Ukraine Ukraine Bullet HugUkraine APH Worried Ukraine - Left First meme of 2014 Ukraine edition Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine APH Belarus Senpai Notice Me Flag of Belarus Belarus (Intro) [V7] :flagofbelarus: Belarus flag Belarus Pumpkie Belarus Bullet Flag of Croatia Croatia flag Croatia Pumpkie Croatia Slovenia flag Slovenia Flag of Slovenia Flag of Serbia Serbia flag :flagofserbia: Bosnia and Herzegovina Pumpkie Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia Herzegovina flag 

Sweden x Finland emote Flag of Finland Finland Finland flag Finland (Intro) [V7] Finland Pumpkie :flagoffinland: [APH Icon] - Santa Finland [Free use] p... Small Pixel Heart: Suomi/Finland Finland Bullet [APH Icon] Sweden: But wife,I'm serious. Hi-I'm-from-Finland Finland Flag Flag Of Jonis Artificial. -gift- Finland Finland Flag of Sweden Sweden Sweden (Intro) [V6] Sweden flag [APH Icon] - Sweden: Le'me d' th' poke' fac' danc' Sweden Pumpkie swedish flag Sweden Bullet :8Bswede: Sweden :swedenyes: :COM: Denmark x Sweden :nilliy33: Sweden Hetalia APH Sweden emote [APH ICON]- Sweden Omfg face Hi-I-am-from-Sweden Red Flag of Denmark Denmark [APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. :flagofdenmark: Denmark flag Denmark Bullet Denmark Pumpkie Denmark Flag Denmark Denmark Denmark NO WAY NORWAY. Norway emote Pixel norway Norway flag [APH Icon] Norway - Go boom and bam. :flagofnorway: Norway Bullet Flag of Norway Norway Pumpkie [APH Icon] - NorIce: Now shut up and say my name.. Norway Flag Nor icon Flag of Norway Norway Norway Hi-I-am-from-Norway Flag of Iceland Norway x Iceland - Hetalia Iceland (Blushing) [V1] Iceland [APH Icon] - Iceland: A-are those for me!? [APH Icon] Iceland: Lookin' angry,lookin' good- [APH Icon] - Iceland: Shit. He noticed me. Iceland flag [APH Icon] - Iceland: Stop looking at my boobs! :flagoficeland: [APH Icon] - Iceland: When he walks in the spot- Iceland Pumpkie [APH Icon] Ice-Ice babu- Iceland Flag Iceland 
APH x Frozen:
Hong Kong=Kristoff

Denmark=Eren Jaeger
Veneziano=Marco Bott
Romano=Connie Springer
Finland=Sasha Blouse
Iceland=Armin Arlert
Japan=Historia Reiss
Germany=Erwin Smith
Sweden=Levi Ackerman
Norway=Mikasa Ackerman
Spain=Jean Kirstein
Belarus=Annie Leonhart
Russia=Reiner Braun
France=Bertolt Hoover
Holy Roman Empire=Thomas Wagner
Prussia=Mina Carolina
Poland=Mylius Zeramuski
Stockholm= Petra Ral
America=Oluo Bozado

APH x Yuri!!! on Ice
Russia=Viktor Nikiforov
Japan=Yuuri Katsuki
Nyo!Belarus=Yuri Plisetsky
Nyo!Czech=Emil Nekola
3P!Canada=Jean-Jacques Leroy
  • Listening to: Guren no Yumiya 1 hour version
  • Watching: PC and Harry Potter 8
  • Drinking: Raspberry lemonade
Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed Romano (Mustache Laughs) [V1] England (Laughing) [V3] Hetalia Germany spinning NO NEIN Icon Austria emote Italy Stops Romano (Huggy) [V1] France (Denies) [V1] Hetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ Romano emote Prussia emote Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] Dansu plz England (Hawt Bodeh) [V2] Russia (Curse) [V2] PASTAAA England emote Sealand emote America (The Hero) [V2] France emote America emote Germany emote Prussia (Evil Sneaky Plan) [V5] Greece emote Derp Hetalia Japan ICON Romano (Shy) [V2] England (Shy Strip) [V2] Japan emote Rome x Germania emote APH England: Scared England (Objects) [V2] APH Prussia: Sparkles Hetalia Spinning France Ohon honhon hon Icon Turkey Emote Russia emote Prussia (Money Talk) [V1] France (Crying) [V3] Estonia emote France (Scared) [V2] America (Eating Hamburger) [V1] Italy (Happy) [V1] Italy Icon APH America: Sparkle Glasses Kiku Honda -Japan- Answers [Hetalia Axis Power] Latvia emote Poland Emote Hetalia Spinning England Baka Baka Icon Spain (Happy Cashier) [V3] Prussia (Explaining) [V4] :aphpoke: France (Begging to England) [V3] Italy Chibi (Cute Face) [V1] Rome emote Arthur WTF America (Juice FTW) [V2] Hetalia Spinning Russia KOL KOL Icon Hetalia Spinning America HAHAHA HA Icon Hetalia Spinning Japan Excuse ME Icon Hetalia Spinning China Aru Icon Hungary Pixel Sprite ~ Hetalia Norway x Iceland - Hetalia Liechtenstein Pixel Sprite - Hetalia Hetalia Icon Sweden x Finland emote Italy (Globe Dance) [V2] Germany's Plan [V5] Russia (Joy) [V6] America (Happy) [V1] Canada emote China (Panda Snuggle) [V3] Russia (When he gets mad) [V6] France (Intro) [V4] Canada and kumajiro Romano (Curse) [V2] Norway emote France (Love Spread) [V1] Holy Roman Empire emote England emote version 2 Spain emote !!! Romano Mocks [V2] England (Fantasy) [V3] Austria (Objection) [V1] France and England (Abduct...) [V1] Italy (Free Hug) [V2] Korea emote England (Evil) [V3] Hungary emote APH-Britannia Angel-Free icon LietPol Glomp Russia (Says Hi) [V2] Italy (Intro) [V4] Hong Kong emote Seychelles emote America (Justice) [V1] Germany (Disappointed) [V2] Chibi Holy Roman Empire-01 (Worried) [V5] Russia push down Latvia [V3] 2p!England icon France (Sneaky) [V2] Prussia  its Awsome Pixel Germania emote Raining men Italy and Romano [V1] England (Makes fun of) [V3] Italy (Joy) [V1] Russia (Sneaky Call) [V6] England (Shocked) [V5] Prussia (Arrives to explain) [V3] England (Solve your own problems) [V3] Italy Italy (Epic Waving) [V1] China (Happy) [V3] America (Spies) [V1] France (Freaked Out) [V1] France (I'm awesome because...) [V2] YayLiet Germany (Shy) [V5] Italy Chibi (Talking) [V1] Italy (Finds a crab) [V1] France Laughing - Evil Inverted Austria (Upset) [V1] England (Happy) [V5] :bademoticon: China (Explaining) [V2] Austria Bad Affair with Germany [V5] Italy Chibi (Diligent Maid) [V5] Germany (Intro) [V4] England (Whew or Sigh) [V6] Switzerland (Shy) [V3] Germany (Hunter) [V3] APH: Ve- Italy (Sexy) [V1] Lithuania (Scared) [V3] America Scared Icon Austria (Shy) [V6] Chibi Hungary-01 (Smile) [V2] I GOT A SHIELD MADAFAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA North Italy Talking Icon Russia Icon prussialaplz France (Sad) [V4] Sealand (Watching) [V3] England (Mocks) [V1] Italy (Cheerful) [V1] America (Salutes) [V6] England (Intro) [V6] 2P China U Mad Icon Canada Depressed Icon Liechtenstein (Shy) [V3] Prussia Talking Icon Greece (Slow) [V5] Russia (Intro) [V7] Ita-chan emo Germany (Not Impressed) [V4] Poland (Intro) [V4] I Made My Own Icon... Japan (Intro) [V6] [APH Icon] - Prussia: MAKIN' DEM MUSCLES Latvia (Worried) [V3] Spain (Smile) [V7] [APH Icon] - England: Oh god,it's you. [APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. Sweden (Intro) [V6] Switzerland (Intro) [V6] China (Intro) [V6] [APH Icon] - Iceland: A-are those for me!? [APH Icon] - Prussia: O gawd,me forgot de homework Spain (Intro) [v7] [APH Icon] - Is Germany in coma orrr? [APH Icon] - England: YOU'RE A LIZARD,HARRY [APH Icon] - Rumour has it you'll die really soon. [APH Icon] - Sweden: Le'me d' th' poke' fac' danc' Iceland (Blushing) [V1] [APH Icon] Iceland: Lookin' angry,lookin' good- [APH Icon] - NorIce: Now shut up and say my name.. latviafailplz Finland (Intro) [V7] Estonia (It's time) [V3] [APH Icon] - Iceland: Shit. He noticed me. Greece (Intro) [V7] Sealand (Wind) [V7] Lithuania (Intro) [V6] [APH Icon] Norway - Go boom and bam. bla-bla [APH Icon] - Iceland: Stop looking at my boobs! Austria (Talking) [V2] Belarus (Intro) [V7] [APH Icon] - Santa Finland [Free use] America (Intro) [V7] America (Yo) [V6] [Gift] [APH Icon] - France: I'M SO FAB,NOTICE ME~ Latvia (Intro) [V6] Latvia (Frozen) [V6] [APH Icon] England - Punk Ben is modern Big Ben :chinadance: emote [APH Icon] - Iceland: When he walks in the spot- Estonia (Intro) [V6] America Talking Icon [APH Icon] Sweden: But wife,I'm serious. ITALIAAA. Belgium talking icon Hetalia - America [Not Impressed] [V.1] [APH Icon] England: Is there food?? Nor icon Italy Headbop icon New icon thingy [APH Icon] Ice-Ice babu- Hetalia icon for Irudi-senpai Canada Talking Icon Belgium (Intro) [V7] America's chainsaw (chat icon) Free Neko Italy icon Free Neko Canada Icon Yo ho ho Tra la la ~  (chat icon) WTF ?! Prussia (chat icon) FREE France Avatar - FCFS Russia Laughing - Evil Inverted Rin8- July [DEV-EMOTICON] Austria Hetalia GermanyHuh Italy and Germany - Icon {APH} Romano WTF [Emoticon] (V1) Holland nog een keertje Mischievous Poland (chat icon) WTF ?! Poland (chat icon) Germany Laughing - Evil Inverted France and Italy - Icon France Emote .. not mine Free Neko Hungary icon FREE Sealand Avatar - FCFS Smiling Belgium (chat icon) [APH GIF]- Italy petting cat [APH ICON]- Seborga approves Italy Laughing - Evil Inverted Neko!Greece (Sleeping) [V1] Aph icon- Wtf did I just read Hetalia - america icon Hetalia APH Sweden emote France - Icon Italy and Germany - Icon [APH ICON]- Sweden Omfg face [APH ICON]- I'm strangling you :AphRussiauneasy: America/Alfred F. Jones Laughing (Chat Emote) Desperate Lithuania 2 (chat icon) France Emote 6 France Emote 4 Moldova Icon Prussia laugh-spitting beer (chat icon) Desperate Lithuania (chat icon) WTF ?! Britain (chat icon) 
  • Watching: PC
1P´s and 2P´s:
Francois x Tino
Antonio x Hsin
Flavio x Emil
Alfred x Allen

1P´s and 3P´s:
Lars x Erland

2P´s and 3P´s:
Henry x Luciano

1P´s and 1P´s:
Denmark x Sweden x Iceland
Norway x Ladonia
Denmark x Ladonia
Lithuania x Ladonia
Iceland x Ladonia
Denmark x Prussia
Sweden x Ladonia
Prussia x Italy
Denmark x Finland
Russia x Poland
  • Watching: PC
Italy- Amadeo VargasPASTAAA Italy Icon Hetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] Italy (Happy) [V1] Italy Chibi (Cute Face) [V1] Italy (Globe Dance) [V2] Italy (Free Hug) [V2] Italy (Intro) [V4] Italy and Romano [V1] Italy (Joy) [V1] Italy Italy (Epic Waving) [V1] Italy Chibi (Talking) [V1] Italy (Finds a crab) [V1] Italy Chibi (Diligent Maid) [V5] Italy (Sexy) [V1] North Italy Talking Icon Italy (Cheerful) [V1] Italy Headbop icon Italy Laughing - Evil Inverted [APH GIF]- Italy petting cat 
Romano- Eduardo VargasRomano emote Romano (Shy) [V2] Romano (Mustache Laughs) [V1] Romano Mocks [V2] {APH} Romano WTF [Emoticon] (V1)   
Spain- Angelo Fernandéz CarriedoSpain emote Spain (Happy Cashier) [V3] Spain (Smile) [V7] 
Netherlands- Herbert Maes
Belgium- Lucille MaesBelgium talking icon   Belgium (Intro) [V7] 
Poland- Sebastien ŁukasiewiczPoland Emote Poland (Intro) [V4]  Mischievous Poland (chat icon) 
Lithuania- Virginius LaurinaitisLithuania (Intro) [V6] Desperate Lithuania 2 (chat icon) Lithuania (Scared) [V3]  
Prussia- Derick BeilschmidtPrussia emote Prussia Talking Icon APH Prussia: Sparkles Prussia (Money Talk) [V1] Prussia (Explaining) [V4] Prussia (Arrives to explain) [V3] prussialaplz [APH Icon] - Prussia: MAKIN' DEM MUSCLES [APH Icon] - Prussia: O gawd,me forgot de homework WTF ?! Prussia (chat icon) [APH ICON]- I'm strangling you 
Germany- Emerich BeilschmidtGermany emote [APH Icon] - Is Germany in coma orrr? Hetalia Germany spinning NO NEIN Icon Germany's Plan [V5] Germany (Shy) [V5] Germany (Intro) [V4] Germany (Hunter) [V3] Germany (Not Impressed) [V4] Germany Laughing - Evil Inverted GermanyHuh 
Austria- Raimond EdelsteinAustria emote[DEV-EMOTICON] Austria Hetalia    Austria (Upset) [V1] Austria Bad Affair with Germany [V5] Austria (Shy) [V6]  
England- Henry KirklandEngland emote [APH Icon] England - Punk Ben is modern Big Ben England (Hawt Bodeh) [V2] Hetalia Spinning England Baka Baka Icon England (Fantasy) [V3] APH England: Scared England (Evil) [V3] England (Objects) [V2] 
America- Roger Jones America (Intro) [V7]  
Latvia- Brian GalanteLatvia (Intro) [V6] Latvia emote 
Estonia- Andrés von BockEstonia (Intro) [V6] Estonia emote 
Sweden- Gerhard OxenstiernaHetalia - America [Not Impressed] [V.1] Sweden x Finland emote 
Finland- Thorin Väinämöinen[APH Icon] - Santa Finland [Free use] Sweden x Finland emote 
Denmark- Tobias Køhler[APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. 
Norway- Lucian Bondevik[APH Icon] Norway - Go boom and bam. Norway emote 
Iceland- Erin Steilsson[APH Icon] - Iceland: Shit. He noticed me. 
Ladonia- Erland Oxenstierna
Kugelmugel- Emerald Edelstein
Sealand- Jeremy KirklandSealand (Wind) [V7] Sealand emote 
Seborga- Marcello Giuseppe Vargas
Canada- Neville WilliamsCanada emote 
Hungary- Hortenzia HédeváryHungary emote 
Japan- Sora HondaDerp Hetalia Japan ICON Japan emote 
France- Jules BonnefoyFrance (Denies) [V1] France emote 
Ukraine- Agatha Braginskaya
  • Watching: PC
This is your brain; This is drugs; This is your brain on drugs! Years:
Bullet; Red 2020, 2025, 2033(1P! Finnish)
Bullet; White 2020, 2021(1P! Danish, 1P! Ladonian and 1P! Swedish)
Bullet; Blue 2020(Others)

Kiss Pairings:
Bullet; Green SuFin(1P! Finnish, 1P! Prussian, 2P! Finnish)
Bullet; Red LadKugel(1P! Kugelmugel)
Bullet; Blue DenNor(2P! Norwegian)
Bullet; Purple DenLad(1P! Ladonian)
Bullet; Black NorIce(1P! Norwegian)
Bullet; White SuNor(1P! Swedish)
Bullet; Yellow GiriPan(1P! Japanese, 1P! Greek)
Bullet; Orange RomIce/FlaMil(1P! Icelandic)
Bullet; Pink LuxCau(1P! Macau)
Bullet; Green HongIce(1P! Swedish)
Bullet; Red DenPru(1P! Prussian)
Bullet; Blue SweDen(1P! Swedish)
Bullet; Purple IceLad(1P! Finnish)
Bullet; Black LietLad(1P! Swedish)
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: PC
2P! human names:

Italy: Luciano VargasHetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ Italy Laughing - Evil Inverted 
Romano: Flavio VargasRomano (Mustache Laughs) [V1] Romano (Curse) [V2] 
Spain: Santiago Fernandéz CarriedoSPAIN WRATH 
Germany: Lutz BeilschmidtHetalia Germany spinning NO NEIN Icon  Germany Laughing - Evil Inverted 
Japan: Kuro HondaJapan Chibi (Talking) [V5] Hetalia Spinning Japan Excuse ME Icon 
Austria: Roland EdelsteinAustria emote Austria (Objection) [V1] Austria (Shy) [V6] 
England: Oliver KirklandAPH England: Scared Hetalia Spinning England Baka Baka Icon WTF ?! Britain (chat icon) [APH Icon] - England: Oh god,it's you. 
America: Allen JonesAmerica Scared Icon APH America: Sparkle Glasses Hetalia Spinning America HAHAHA HA Icon 
Canada: Matt WilliamsCanada Depressed Icon 
France: Francois BonnefoyFrance (Scared) [V2]Hetalia Spinning France Ohon honhon hon Icon France Laughing - Evil Inverted 
Russia: Sergej BraginskyAPH Russia Do not want Russia (Says Hi) [V2] Russia (Curse) [V2] Hetalia Spinning Russia KOL KOL Icon Russia Laughing - Evil Inverted 
China: Hsin Wang2P China U Mad Icon Hetalia Spinning China Aru Icon 
Iceland: Egil Steilsson[APH Icon] - Iceland: Stop looking at my boobs! [APH Icon] - NorIce: Now shut up and say my name.. Norway x Iceland - Hetalia [APH Icon] - Iceland: A-are those for me!? Iceland (Blushing) [V1] [APH Icon] - Iceland: Shit. He noticed me. [APH Icon] Iceland: Lookin' angry,lookin' good- [APH Icon] Ice-Ice babu- Nordic 5 Mochi 
Norway: Loki BondevikNO WAY NORWAY. [APH Icon] - NorIce: Now shut up and say my name.. Norway x Iceland - Hetalia [APH Icon] Norway - Go boom and bam. Nor icon Nordic 5 Mochi 
Denmark: Christian Køhler[APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. Nordic 5 Mochi 
Sweden: Felix OxenstiernaHetalia APH Sweden emote Sweden (Intro) [V6] Hetalia - America [Not Impressed] [V.1] [APH Icon] Sweden: But wife,I'm serious. Nordic 5 Mochi 
Finland: Thurston Väinämöinen[APH Icon] - Santa Finland [Free use] Finland (Intro) [V7] [APH Icon] Sweden: But wife,I'm serious. Nordic 5 Mochi 
Prussia: Akbar Beilschmidt[APH Icon] - Prussia: O gawd,me forgot de homework APH Prussia: Sparkles [APH ICON]- I'm strangling you [APH Icon] - Prussia: MAKIN' DEM MUSCLES 

1P! human names:

Belgium: Bella MaesBelgium talking icon Smiling Belgium (chat icon) 
Netherlands: Abel MaesFlag of Netherlands 
Ladonia: Lars Oxenstierna
Kugelmugel: Johann Edelstein
Hutt River: George Brown
Seborga: Romeo Vargas[APH ICON]- Seborga approves 
Australia: Ralph BrownFlag of Australia 
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: PC
1P! Finnish:
Adalbert Emilsson(IceLad)
Damokles Emilsson(IceLad)
Poseidon Køhler Väinämöinen(DenFin)[APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. Finland (Intro) [V7] 
Lothar Køhler Oxenstierna(DenSu)[APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. Sweden (Intro) [V6] 
Dietmar Oxenstierna(SuFin)Sweden x Finland emote 

2P! Finnish:
Odin Oxenstierna(2P!SuFin)Sweden x Finland emote 

1P! Danish:
Harald Køhler(NorSwe)Pixel norway Hetalia APH Sweden emote 
Mikkel Mathiassson(DenIce)[APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. [APH Icon] Iceland: Lookin' angry,lookin' good- 

1P! Swedish:
Medard Leonsson(HongIce)Hong Kong emote Iceland (Blushing) [V1] 
Damien Oxenstierna(SuFin)Sweden x Finland emote 
Andreas Jákob Oxenstierna(SuNor)Sweden (Intro) [V6] Norway emote 

1P! Ladonian:
Dagmar Køhler(DenLad)
Albert Køhler(DenLad)
Anders Køhler(NorLad)

1P! Italian:
Johannes Friedrich Beilschmidt(PruIta)APH Prussia: Sparkles Italy (Finds a crab) [V1] 
Dietrich Augustus Beilschmidt(PruIta)APH Prussia: Sparkles Italy (Globe Dance) [V2] 

2P! Norwegian:
Mark Køhler(2P!DenNor)[APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. Norway emote 
Thor Køhler(2P!DenNor)[APH Icon] - Denmark: Chair. [APH Icon] Norway - Go boom and bam. 

1P! Macau:
Jiang Shin Maes(LuxCau)Flag of Luxembourg Flag of Macau 
Wilhelm Marc Maes(LuxCau)Flag of Luxembourg Flag of Macau 
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: PC
Ladonia- 128 cm 15 years
Kugelmugel- 128 cm 12 years
Iceland- 172 cm 16-17 years
Norway- 175 cm 23 years
Denmark- 180 cm 25 years
Prussia- 177-178 cm 20+ years
Canada- 177 cm 18-19 years
Russia- 182 cm 20 years
Hong Kong- 170 cm 17 years
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: PC
Czech- Alice Beilschmidt/Alice NováFlag of Czech Republic 

Slovakia- Carlos Edelstein/Karel RabínFlag of Slovakia 

Prague- Bronislav NovýFlag of Czech Republic 

Bratislava- Dora RabínováFlag of Slovakia 

Greenland- Anne GrassFlag of Greenland 

New York- Avery JonesFlag of United States of America 

Washington- Brian Haas JonesFlag of United States of America 

Serbia- Otto BielskivskijFlag of Serbia 

Alaska- Jackson Gellert JonesFlag of United States of America 

London- Claire KirklandFlag Of England :ukflag: 

Tokyo- Mayuri HondaFlag of Japan 

Aberdeen- Libby Kirkland:ukflag: Flag Of Scotland. 

Berlin- Olga BeilschmidtFlag of Germany 

Wien- Helga EdelsteinFlag of Austria 

Roma(Capital)- Minerva VargasFlag of Italy 

Liberland- Pavlína NováFlag of Czech Republic 

Silesia- Milena NováFlag of Czech Republic 

Moravia- Viktorie NováFlag of Czech Republic 

Oslo- Elena BondevikFlag of Norway 

Copenhagen- Elsa KøhlerFlag of Denmark 

Helsinki- Lars VäinämöinenFlag of Finland 

Stockholm- Ariana OxenstiernaFlag of Sweden 

Reykjavík- Ulrich SteilssonFlag of Iceland 
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: PC